Ellenor Lions Hospice

In 1983 Gravesend Lions Club were approached and offered an anonymous donation of 200,000 to help build a Hospice. Such a large project required additional support and other local Lions Clubs (Dartford, Northfleet & Ebbsfleet, Swanley & North Downs) were approached to be partners in the project.  A fundraising committee was formed, consisting of members from each of the four Lions Clubs, with Darent Valley Lions Club joining later, and in 1984 the fundraising began.   $25,000 was kindly donated by The Lions Club International based in the USA and during the next six years over 1.8 million was raised Local Builder Ron Billings started work in 1990 and a 10,000 shortfall was kindly met by the Colin Ferguson Trust who owned the land, and who offered the Hospice a 99 year lease for just 1 a year. 



The Lions Hospice opened its doors in June 1992 with 10 beds, more recently this has expanded and it currently provides the highest possible quality of care and facilities for up to 15 inpatients from the age of 14.

In November 2007 the Ellenor Foundation and the Lions Hospice merged.

Now every week EllenorLions provides hospice care in the family home for approx. 300 adults and 100 children, and each year 250 receive in-hospice care.     

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The local Lions Clubs are proud to continue to support the services provided by The EllenorLions Hospices by fund-raising to meet the 6 million per annual running costs.  Their invaluable services are provided free of charge to patients,  

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